Group drumming benefits EVERYONE of all ages and abilities. It is truly a FUNctional experience! 😊👍👏

 1) Keeps your brain young. It may decrease the risk of dementia through socialization, activates both hemispheres of the brain, and increases the growth and development of new brain cells through exercise. An area known as the hippocampus is very important for memory.

“3 ways to keep your brain young, according to neuroscientists”

2) Releases endorphins and decreases stress. Endorphins give you a natural “high”, are the body’s natural “pain killer”, and boosts the immune system.

Performance of music elevates pain threshold and positive affect: implications for the evolutionary function of music. 

Endorphins: Natural Pain and Stress Fighters

3) May help to release and manage anger.

Wellness-boosting sessions not just for hippies anymore

4) May be used to develop social-emotional skills. It is a great way to work on self-confidence, impulse control, stress management, respect for others, appreciating diversity, social engagement, and teamwork.

Reference: Core SEL Competencies

5) Promotes/supports the occupations of Play, Social Participation, Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (health management and maintenance), and Rest & Sleep. Rest & Sleep are supported by decreasing stress. Sensory skills (propriocetion, tactile, vestibular, auditory, visual) are also targeted. Fine and gross motor skills, strength, and endurance including eye-hand coordination can also be addressed. 

Reference: Occupational Therapy Practice Framework: Domain and Process (3rd Edition)