My goal is to raise funds to offer free or reduced pricing on sessions for those with special needs and/or a mental illness. My vision is to give these individuals an atmosphere of connection, belonging, and joy through the power of rhythm! A pledge of $1/month (or whatever you wish) will help make this vision possible. Any amount is most appreciated.

Businesses/organizations that have supported this project: The Second Homeschool for Personalized Learning ,  Hang Indoor Playground  ,  Your Therapy Source, Inc. , Your Fitness 365  

Organizations that have received services from funding:  SA Life Academy , Special Reach Inc. , Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance San Antonio  , Down Syndrome Association of South Texas

PLEASE NOTE: Since TamboRhythms is not a non-profit, your contribution cannot be tax-deductible. My apologies.

Donate at or one time payment through (

Thank you for your support and generosity!