TamboFUNction  Drumming is a FUN and FUNCTIONAL Rhythmic Adventure for typically developing children from Pre-kindergarten to Kinder and for older individuals with various disabilities. 

Examples of skills addressed using drums and percussion include:

  • Impulse/self-control
  • Attention/focus
  • Taking turns
  • Sharing
  • Following direction/listening
  • Communication reinforcement
  • Creative self-expression
  • Leadership
  • Confidence/self-esteem
  • Basic color/shape identification 
  • Body awareness/parts
  • Sensorimotor skills
  • Numbers
  • Left/ right discriminiation                                      and   FUN! 

Program may be adapted as needed.

A very special thanks to The Rhythmic Arts Project (TRAP)  which laid the  foundation  and inspiredTamboFUNction.