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All ages welcome. Instruments provided. No previous musical experience required.  Come connect with the community, bond with family and friends, relieve stress, and have FUN!

2019 Saturday Dates: January 12,  February 2,  March 2,  April 13, May 4, June 1, July 6, August 3, September 7, October 5, November 2, December 7

10:00-11:30 AM

Location: The Ecumenical Center For Education. Counseling. Health, 8310 Ewing Halsell Drive, San Antonio, TX 78229 (210-616-0885)


Eva's Heroes drum circle 

" The Eva's Heroes' Monthly Activities Program are designed for individuals with intellectual special needs ages 16 and up. These activities are recreation-based and designed to empower the participants to try new and different things. Monthly Activities are adjustable for all levels of ability and allow for the opportunity to experience a more enriched life." - EvasHeroes.org 

Time: 6:30-8:00 pm (drop off at 6:00).             Usually 4th Tuesdays

More info/location/registration/date: info@evasheroes.org or 210.694.9090


No previous musical experience is needed and instruments will be provide for  all events.

Please Note: Events may change/cancel without notice. Call to confirm at 210-289-7100